Accessiblity is the word used to describe if a website can be used by people of varying abilities.

If a website can be used by elderly people and the disabled, it is accessible.


At Majuba, our focus is on usability – ensuring our website is informative, straight to the point, and easy to use for people of all abilities. 


What influences accessibility?


  • Font – Font should be scalable and easy to read, so people who can’t see very well can adjust it to their liking. Contrast should be appropriately high so that visually impaired people are able to read the text.

  • Screen Reader accessibilitySome elements on a page need to be tagged with text so a screen reader can identify and parse them for information. We apply this standard to all images on our site so that blind people can access and enjoy the images as much as sighted people.


  • Audio-visual contentFor people who can’t hear well, it’s important that audio-visual content has subtitles and appropriate captioning that truly encapsulates the full experience.

  • Syntax – Keeping phrases short, syntax simple, and messaging to the point helps people who struggle with finding words difficult.


At Majuba, we take these factors into account on our own websites and those of our clients. Ease of access to the internet and information is a great leveller and can be a source of freedom to many. 

We value our wider audience and aim to improve our accessibility continually in line with our obligations under the Equality Act, guided by the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

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