Why are people getting lost along your conversion journey?

Why are people getting lost along your conversion journey?

For the uninitiated, ‘conversion marketing’ refers to a subsection of marketing focused on increasing desirable actions on a website – conversions. Usually these are revenue-adjacent (like a purchase) but they don’t have to be (like signing up to a newsletter). 


Customers are thought of as data points travelling along the conversion funnel. Like with the traditional sales pipeline, there are simple ways to operationalise a customer’s behaviour and place them linearly along this funnel, or journey. Marketers seek to track a customer from awareness to decision, and even advocacy (the Holy Grail!)

Why do marketers struggle with conversions?

Technical issues plague marketers, even in 2021. We’ve been bandying around the word ‘omnichannel’ for a decade now, and yet cross-platform (and especially cross-device) conversion tracking still has a way to go. The recent drive for personal anonymity online has made life difficult for conversion marketers – often, visitors are dropping off our radars the moment they log into their VPN or deny Google Tag Manager cookies on our sites. 


That aside, another big issue marketers have is reducing prospects to data points – it’s what we’re trained to do, after all. Focusing only on metrics and flows makes us susceptible to data confirmation bias… we begin to fall back on the linear patterns we identify in our data rather than thinking laterally about prospects and their behaviours. 


It’s vital to remember we’re marketing to other people. They have emotions, they’re unpredictable, they sometimes run out of money near the end of the month, they lose interest in things they had a passion for two weeks ago… The list goes on. 

Why are people getting lost on my conversion journey?

If you’re struggling with conversions, I have some tips for you. 

Manage expectations

Whether personally for your own mental sake, or in terms of forecasting for your organisation – learn to effectively manage expectations. How? Use your intuition as a person marketing to other people, market research, and psychographic segmentation. Don’t rely too heavily on trends – be looking for ways to assist the customer as an individual, particularly at the consideration stage.

Consistent messaging

At no point does a prospect want to feel confused or put off by jarring branding. Think about it – McDonald’s adverts inspire a sense of brand familiarity, which in turn leads to confidence. If you can be recognisable across multiple channels, platforms, and mediums, your strength will be that prospects feel like they can trust your brand.

Remember the human

The prospect isn’t a mythical being you can trick into making that vital decision. They’ll come to it in their own time, after creating their own buy-in. The few factors you can manipulate include: 


  1. The quality of information you put out 
  2. The speed at which they consider the decision (gentle, subconscious nudges are best)
  3. Their customer experience once they decide to make the decision

Trial and error

As you seek to work out the ‘perfect conversion strategy’, remember trial and error is the only way to find something that ‘clicks’ for your organisation. Communicate this to managers – it’s subversive in a digital era obsessed with one-stop solutions and blanket approaches, but they’ll appreciate your creativity and honesty. 


Don’t be afraid to try doing less! The fewer nudges a customer needs from you to complete a conversion, the more they’ll feel like it was their prerogative. Plus, they’ll be more likely to come back and do it again if they felt in control the whole time. 

Key takeaway

Conversion marketing is easily disseminated into tracking data points along a linear customer journey. Remember that decision-making is rarely linear, and your job as a marketer is to be present as a source of consistent, authoritative messaging a prospect can rely on when considering making that key decision.

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